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THE Carers NSW 2020 National Carer Survey is now open until 30 June 2020. Make a difference for carers across the country and have your say today!

Developed by Carers NSW in collaboration with researchers from five universities and the National Network of Carer Associations, the Carers NSW 2020 National Carer Survey, is now online.

Every two years Carers NSW conducts a survey to ask carers about their experiences and find out what supports they need. In 2020 for the first time this will be a national survey, providing the opportunity to increase our number of responses and find out more about what is on the minds of carers nationally.

The data gathered in this research will help to advocate for carers, influence policy makers, and plan for service delivery into the future.

We encourage carers to complete the online version where possible, but we understand that not everyone is able to do so. A paper copy and reply paid envelope has been included for all Carers NSW members with every copy of the April/May edition of Carers News, and carers can order paper copies through this online form.

The Carers NSW Carer Survey is one of the major ways in which Carers NSW and our partners and stakeholders improve our understanding of caring and carers’ lives. This knowledge helps us to advocate for the things that matter to carers and raise awareness about current issues in caring.

The Carer Survey also helps us to understand the needs of specific groups of carers, including carers from different cultural backgrounds. It also highlights the challenges of different caring roles, for example caring for someone with a mental health condition, or the experience of being an older carer.

For more information about the Carer Survey, please contact the Research Team at or on 02 9280 4744.