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Brad Gibson with the Bogan Mobile
Brad Gibson with the Bogan Mobile

WITH Australia’s Biggest Bogan Festival (ABBF) just over a month away, Parkes local and ABBF organiser Brad Gibson has made an admirable contribution to Currajong Disability Services by donating a car. The car, a black matte Hyundai Lantra will be known as The Bogan Mobile.

“The Bogan Mobile will be at the Railway Hotel, Bogan Gate on Saturday July 13 at the festival,” said Dane Millerd of Currajong Disability Servives.

“Every Bogan there will be allowed to sign it and the car will be put up for auction on the day with proceeds to go to Currajong Disability Services.

“Starting price for the auction for this beast is $500,” Dane said.

For Brad Gibson however it is all about aiming up for charity and making ABBF a success.

“The Bogan Mobile is your typical redneck thrasher,” Brad said.

“It can’t go through the Maccas drive thru as the windows don’t work and the front end sounds like a meat grinder.

“It will be painted flat black before the big day!”

Dane Millerd and Currajong were glowing in their praise of the donation.

“Big thanks to Gibbo for the kind donation,” Millerd said.

“Such acts of kindness are incredible and well-received.

“It’s just another example of the spirit in this town and we are extremely appreciative,” said Dane.

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