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Timbo Wheeler and Neil Hamilton of Currajong Disability Services manning the BBQ for the Sausage Sandwich Contest at Australia's Biggest Bogan Fest.

THERE was sausage sandwich eating, husband calling, air guitar and inevitably the crowning of Australia’s Biggest Bogan – all in the name of charity and for Currajong Disability Services.

Around 500 people braved the cold conditions across numerous venues throughout three shires last Friday and Saturday and the entertainment was top notch featuring local bands Rawson Road, the Noll Brothers and Amanda G as well as well-known performers Hype Duo, Chris Franklin and Benny Bogan among many others.

For Currajong Disability Services Communications and Marketing Manager Dane Millerd the event was a huge success for a first attempt.

“There were no major incidents and the police have complimented all concerned on how well the event was run,” said Dane.

“So many people have makde this possible despite having no connection to Currajong.

“The generosity of spirit of people who came here from all over Australia is humbling,” he said.

Visitors came from as far away as Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia for the first edition of Australia’s Biggest Bogan Festival and all have said they’ll be back to support it again next year.

“I have to make a special mention to a number of people including Brad Gibson and Luke Acheson for organising this as well as Tara Shaw, Cina Horan and Benjamin Parslow for their tireless efforts all in the name of charity,” said Dane.

“Big thanks to Lara and Nigel from Food Fix and Bogan Gate Beef Jerky for their auction of their one-of-a-kind hoodie and beef jerky donation of $200 to Currajong as well as Deb Martin who bought the bogan mobile for $520 for Currajong too.

“Lastly, I’d like to thank all volunteers, staff, sponsors and punters however a special mention must be made to Benny Bogan who donated his entire appearance fee back to Currajong – what a legend!”

With the count from the weekend still underway, Currajong will also stand to benefit from the donations of a number of venues as well as the returns from the cash for cans through the return and earn scheme.

“It’s all very positive stuff and we can’t wait til next year,” said MC and organiser Luke Acheson.

“People are already planning their trip next year.

“It is truly incredible how people from far and wide have rallied together to help out a local charity.”

Until next year bogans!