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Sarah Bowkett with educator Marilyn Nash during one of their Art Therapy sessions.
Sarah Bowkett with educator Marilyn Nash during one of their Art Therapy sessions.

SARAH Bowkett has always had an interest in art. So it was no coincidence that when Art Therapy became a choice at Currajong Disability Services that Sarah would join up.

The rest as they say is history.

For Sarah’s art educator Marilyn Nash, the Art Therapy sessions throughout the second quarter of 2017 have continued to develop Sarah’s technical and expressive art making abilities as well as deepening the trust and rapport between the two of them.

“This block of sessions have predominantly focused on detailed clay modelling work of the famous Egyptian sphinx,” said Marilyn.

“Similar to Sarah’s painting style her emerging clay modelling method is methodical and careful and her focus and concentration is evident in her work.

“Sarah has completely immersed herself in the clay modelling process and demonstrates significant confidence in using clay as an art media which has brought back proud memories of her clay sculpting projects in visual arts when she was a student of Parkes High School.”

Sarah’s ability to follow instructions as well as her dedication to research and furthermore, her work ethic and attention to her craft has improved immeasurably.

“Our developing rapport is clearly evident as Sarah is becoming significantly more relaxed and confident in initiating conversation with me and she is smiling much more frequently,” said Marilyn.

“Especially when we view the progress of her art making together and I commend Sarah on her art making abilities.

“As always it has been a pleasure to assist Sarah with her passion for art and to see her self-esteem and happiness continue to grow from our Art Therapy sessions.”