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Currajong Chairman Neil Unger

POPULAR throughout Europe where temperatures are often much colder than Australia, bio-bricks may soon be a popular source of heat in Australia if Currajong Chairman Neil Unger has his way.

“We are currently doing a proof of concept and sourcing equipment such as mixers to go with the hammer mill and scales we already have,” said Neil.

“While we still have a raft of tests to conduct to ensure we get the moisture balance right (15%) we aim to go from about 50kgs produced per hour up one-and-a-half tonnes per hour.

“The press would also be operating 24 hours a day,” he said.

The bio-bricks consist not just of shredded paper waste but also sawdust, waste timber, cardboard and woodchips culminating in the bio-brick (pictured above).

“There’s a real opportunity here for us,” Neil said.

“It will take some time but when we move into our new premises we will have more options.

“Then we can see of the boat floats!”

We hope it floats too!