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Benny Bogan, MC of Australia's Biggest Bogan Festival with Martin Carney who ate 25 sausage sandwiches on Saturday to help CDS.


Bunsters Hot Sauce and Blue Sky Australia’s Biggest Bogan – Ryan Leigh “Bogan” Edwards

Buttabeef and Central Butchery Sausage Sandwich Eating Champion – Martin Carney (he ate 25 sausage sandwiches for Currajong)

Adam Molloy Carpentry Best Dad Bod – Tim Acheson

Bogan Gate Beef Jerky and Food Fix Worst Tatt – Jo Maloney

Johnson’s Bakery “Show Us Your Buns!” Shortest Stubbie Shorts – Benjamin Parslow

Byrnes Clothing Biggest Dazza – David Gloomper aka Poita

Byrnes Clothing Biggest Shazza – Carolyn Harrison

JJ Electrical Best Mullet – Ryan Leigh “Bogan” Edwards

Steele Tech Worst Smile – Sharon “Shazza” Piggott

Publicans Challenge Euchre – Forster and Coral Downey

Publicans Challenge Darts – Brent Poidevin

Publicans Challenge Kelly Pool – Mitch Braybon

Coffe Fix by Larz Wife Calling – Brent Poidevin

Acheson’s Husband Calling – Sharon “Shazza” Piggott

Darren Cowan Mobile Welding Air Guitar Champs – Naomi Clarke

Bunsters Bogans n Beers Hot Chip Challenge – David Fishy Taylor

Vantage NSW Khe Sahn Karaoke – Bec Price

Parkes Landscape Aussie Bronze Drop – Murray ‘Big Red’ Dunn

Air Sex, Whore on the Floor and Bush Poet weren’t held.

· Other highlights – Debbie Martin bought the Bogan Mobile at the auction for $520 for Currajong.
· Lara Tulaga and Nigel Constable auctioned a Bogan Gate Beef Jerky hoodie for $200 for Currajong.
· Each venue to donate minimum $250 to Currajong – eg. Cambridge Hotel, Post Officer Hotel, Railway Hotel Bogan Gate and Forbes Services Club.
· 0 DUI’s, 0 RDT’s, 0 fights or vehicle incidents and only 2 people were asked to leave. The police said it was a well-run and fantastic event especially given the stigma with the word bogan and they recognised it was for a good cause.

Numbers for the whole weekend were around 500 +

Thanks to all staff, volunteers and sponsors and we can’t wait to see you next year!