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Ian Kaupke, Jamie Cooke, Dane Millerd, Troy Peters and Peter Rawson

WHEN Troy Peters of the Commonwealth Bank in Parkes was asked why they chose Currajong Disability Services to donate $500 to his answer was simple:

“We constantly see what you (Currajong) do in the community and the effort and culture is incredible …”

“Customers tell us at the bank all the time about how tremendous the team is at Currajong,” he said.

“It was an easy task for us to choose Currajong.

“You chose yourselves,” Mr. Peters said.

For Dane Millerd of Currajong Disability Services, the donation not only strengthens the relationship with the Commonwealth Bank but further highlights the tremendous community spirit in Parkes.

“We’ve said it before but the sense of community in Parkes is incredible,” Dane said.

“People realise what we are about at Currajong and the importance of the services we provide.

“Without these kind contributions we couldn’t survive,” he said.

The latest donation comes on the back of another kind contribution of $5000 from Parkes Services Club to help reduce transport costs for Currajong.

“We are ecstatic with the amazing levels of support and can’t thank everyone enough!”

It has been a big few months for Currajong with donations coming from numerous quarters and the announcement of the purchase of a new premises on the Orange Road.

“It is a great time to be at Currajong and Jeff and the team have worked very hard over the past two years to get us where we are,” said Dane.