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Team Leader Indigo Kriedemann (back) with Rhyse Forrestal, Ian Kaupke and Cherie Lovett (seated) being interviewed for Employable Me series two.
Team Leader Indigo Kriedemann (back) with Rhyse Forrestal, Ian Kaupke and Cherie Lovett (seated) being interviewed for Employable Me series two.

LAST Wednesday, clients from Currajong Disability Services were interviewed by Laura Grace, producer at Northern Pictures for series 2 Employable Me.

Employable Me was the unexpected hit on ABC last year when it tracked the progress and struggles of nine individuals battling disability (autism) as they sought to break the cycle of long-term unemployment and find a job.

Based on the successful UK series, Employable Me series 2 has cast the net wider by accepting more people with a range of disabilities as opposed to those only on the Autism Spectrum. This series will explore how a number of people with disabilities strive to find work while battling and managing their own unique challenges.

Northern Pictures held interviews with 150 people with disabilities across Australia including six from Currajong Disability Services. They were Cherie Lovett, Fiona McGonigal, Thomas Davis, Kyal Sauer, Ian Kaupke and Rhyse Forrestal. All six left a strong impression on the producers of the show and a final decision will be made within the next week or so.

“Filming will commence in September and we are hopeful at least one of our clients will be a part of the show however that is a decision for the series producers,” said Dane Millerd of CDS.

“As you can imagine, there are many worthy and outstanding candidates so the choice to narrow it down from 150 to 9 wouldn’t be easy.

“Our candidates did an amazing job and gave a great account of themselves.”

After shooting preliminary footage in September, Northern Pictures would then wrap production close to Christmas with the new series scheduled to be aired in early 2019.

“It would be incredible for any one of our clients if they were to be selected for the show,” said Dane.

“Getting selected is one thing, getting a job would be the icing on the cake for many who have been unemployed for years.

“For Currajong, the exposure for us and the Parkes, Lachlan and Forbes region would be enormous.”

For Fiona McGonigal being on the show is certainly a highlight but the need to work and one day run her own working farm was of fair greater significance.

“I’d love to one day have enough money and independence to have my own farm with horses, cattle, dogs and to do that I need an income,” Fiona said.

Currently, Fiona volunteers at the child care centre here in Parkes one day a week.

For Thomas Davis and Kyal Sauer, the tale is very similar to Fiona’s and both need work to gain their independence and build their confidence.

“I have a Cert 1 in Horticultural Studies and would love to work with Council outdoors,” said Thomas Davis.

“I have had experience with the Green Army but it was discontinued.

“I am really passionate about gardening and landscaping and being outdoors and if I was to get a job in that field it would allow me to get my own place and do things I am not doing at the moment,” he said.

Similarly, Kyal is keen to get his HR license and drive trucks for a living as he has a passion for the auto and motor industries.

“I already have my P2 car license so to get a truck license would be great,” he said.

“It is all I have ever wanted to do.

“It would then allow me to do more things I can’t do at the moment,” said Kyal, who has high-functioning autism.

Watch this space for more info and updates regarding the show and fingers crossed for our super six!

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