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ROLL up the swag, fuel up the F350, turn on the wireless and don’t forget to pack the thongs because Australia’s Biggest Bogan Festival (ABBF) will be held at Bogan Gate next July 12 and 13 (2019) and Currajong Disability Services has been named as the inaugural charity of choice.

In a real positive for CDS, proceeds from some of the activities during the festival will go directly to CDS and the clients that need it. It’s a big win for Currajong according to ABBF promoter and Currajong Communications Marketing and New Business Development Manager Dane Millerd.

“I am extremely pleased that the ABBF working group have agreed to help raise funds for Currajong Disability Services,” Dane said.

“It was important when I started out that Currajong were looked-after.

“This festival will go some way towards helping CDS and of course the local Bogan Gate community,” said Dane.

“The support within CDS and in the street has been tremendous!”

Some of the bogan events throughout the weekend will include air guitar, best mullet, Bogan Fashions of the Field, best tattoo and a sausage sandwich eating competition.

“We also have husband calling and it has proven to be popular with Currajong staff,” Dane said.

“I think it will be a real draw card – especially for people actually looking for their husbands.

“Seriously though, it’s a great initiative and supporting an even better cause.”