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Jason Spicer hard at it in the Currajong kitchen cooking up cakes

DURING difficult times it is easy to forget the small yet significant efforts people make. Such unconditional kindness is easy to miss especially amidst an extraordinary global pandemic. This next act though may just be the feel good story of the week after the events of late. Chris and Jason Spicer, participants at Currajong Disability Services decided to bake cakes to show their gratitude and appreciation for all the front line workers at Parkes Hospital.

“It’s a tremendous gesture from our guys and something they really wanted to do,” said Dane Millerd of Currajong Disability Services.

“As an organisation, I know I am not alone when I say that there are many ways we want to help.

“Inevitably it’s those one percenters that make a difference,” said Dane.

The act of giving didn’t go unnoticed either with Currajong coming in for special praise from Parkes Hospital for their kind token of support posting a Thank You photo.

“It was our way of giving back to the community and also showing our appreciation to front line medical staff that do so much for us,” said Indigo Kriedemann of Currajong Disability Services.

“We are hoping to continue this on and assist other community groups where we can.

“Especially in the current environment,” Indigo said.

The Parkes Ambulance Service meanwhile were also beneficiaries of Currajong cake baking and cooking via Heather Coates and Donna Apps.

The treats were dropped off last Monday and well-received by the ambulance officers.

“A big congrats to all involved for their efforts from our participants who want to drive this great initiative through to the front line staff who risk everything for us day in and day out during this challenging time,” Indigo said.

“Kindness costs nothing.

“It’s fantastic we have been able to do this!”