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Kerry Churchill of Parkes QUE Club with Currajong Disability Services Sewing Group co-ordinator Deitre Jackson

CURRAJONG Disability Services Sewing Group continues to make news if not for winning ribbons at the Parkes Show but for kindly donating to other community groups such as the Parkes QUE Club Inc formerly known as Parkes Quota Club.

Deitre Jackson of Currajong Disability Services Sewing Group said the donations of finished Xmas items such as runners, mats, rugs and blankets to the Parkes QUE Club Inc would help them continue to fulfil their mission (QUE) Quality, Understanding and Empathy.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to provide these items in time for Christmas for the Parkes QUE Club,” said Deitre.

“Every donation and thought counts at this time of year and something as simple as a Xmas blanket can really make someone’s day.

“The QUE Club was the perfect fit as their mantra is one of Quality, Understanding and Empathy,” said Deitre.

The Parkes QUE Club’s Kerry Churchill was delighted with the donations from Currajong Sewing Group and signalled a big month for the group.

After a massive 62 years known as the Parkes Quota Club, members recently decided to branch out on their own and become the Parkes QUE Club.

Quota is an international service organisation that provides basic needs to women, children, the deaf, and hard of hearing in communities around the world.

It may be the end of an era but members want to focus their services and fundraising efforts more locally and are committed to servicing the Parkes Shire community, which is where their fundraising money is donated.

Changing its name to the Parkes QUE Club Inc – the QUE represents Quality, Understanding, and Empathy.

And with the Department of Fair Trading approving the name change in October this year, the club is all systems go.

“Although our name has changed, our mission is still the same,” publicity officer Lynn Rogers said recently.

“We are a not-for-profit incorporated association ’empowering women and children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech impaired in our local community’.”