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Broderick and Creed Caldwell

Last week, members of the Parkes-based Central West Car Club helped brighten the day for a local boy who was celebrating his birthday.

Creed Caldwell who has autism was turning 14 and his father Broderick wanted it to be a special day for him.

“He’s mad on cars,” Broderick said.

“So I contacted the Central West Car Club and asked if they could bring some of their cars past our house on his birthday.”

Jeff McClurg from the CWCC said he put the word out to their membership.

“Not quite knowing how it would pan out, I was absolutely stoked with the response,” Jeff said.

“We had just over 20 vehicles turn up for a drive by and then we parked in the street for young Creed to take a closer look at some of his favourites.”

The cars varied from club president Rodney Barnes’ 1928 Chev tourer and Bill Barbers 1930 Pontiac to ‘70’s Holdens, Fords and Valiants and a wide ange of makes and models.

“From the looks of surprise on Creed’s face he was obviously excited,” Jeff said.

“And Broderick and his family gave us his many thanks which helped to make the afternoon well worthwhile.”

The Central West Car Club was formed in 1954 following a meeting of people from all walks of life who shared a common interest in racing high powered vehicles. They included dentists Geoff Brown and Alan Threlfo, car salesmen Ken and Allan Miller, banker Wal Horler, BP representative Alex Venn, auto-electrician Gary Wilson and many others such as Henry Jones from Forbes, Eston White and Alf Head.

* Story and pix courtesy of Parkes Champion Post and Jeff McClurg.

CAPTION: Broderick and Creed next to one of the cars.