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Scott Salter, one of Currajong's most experienced support workers with Karen Willis and Jay Crouch reinforcing proper hygiene

COVID-19 or the Coronavirus as it is known by many, may have changed how we do things but it hasn’t changed the quality service and care offered at Currajong Diability Services.

With disruptions to everyday life showing no signs of abating anytime soon, Currajong will continue to offer top quality care for all of our participants and ensuring all precautions and duty of care are taken to protect the rights, health and safety of our participants, staff and families.

Already steps have been taken that adhere to government requests including a greater emphasis on hygiene, social distancing via smaller groups and minimising acitivites, education of staff to fast track their COVID-19 knowledge base as well as having staff available to answer any questions about Currajong and our new processes.

“Vigilance and strict application of the recommended precautions are our only weapons against this virus and while it appears we are in an area that is currently virus free we cannot afford to slacken off if we hope to come through this period of upheaval with minimal disruption,” said Currajong Disability Services CEO Jeff Evans.

“My priorities continue to remain the health and well being of our participants, our employees and our families.

“May I please express my thanks and appreciation to the overall way that staff have responded to the significant disruption to our normal routine. I would also like to commend you all on how you have embraced the more rigorous hygiene, cleaning requirements and social distancing particularly in light of the high risk and vulnerable individuals we support in the community,” said Jeff.

Jeff and the Currajong team have been working on contingency plans and strategies to multiple scenarios so that they are prepared (as best as they can be) for whatever the next few months throws up.

“At the moment, I believe we are well placed if we remain vigilant and continue implementing the recommendations as we currently are,” said Jeff.

“Again, thank you for your efforts and commitment.”