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Kittie Dwyer has spent her life giving to others
Kittie Dwyer has spent her life giving to others

MENTION the name Kittie Dwyer around the Parkes Shire and words such as “dedicated, passionate and determined” are often mentioned by all and sundry.

Kittie has always possessed a ‘can-do’ attitude and it is that mindset that saw her former neighbour and current CDS Chairman Neil Unger ask her to get involved with Currajong Disability Services. Kittie didn’t hesitate despite her burgeoning workload and community participation.

“I knew little about Currajong but I was prepared to give it a go,” said Kittie.

“Working with people like Neil who are enthusiastic, want to improve and who have worthwhile goals made the decision to jump on board about 12 years ago so much easier.

“Currajong are doing some great things and undergoing some major changes and I am pleased to have been a part of that,” she said.

“Now it’s time for me to step back and create some space for a new generation and allow new ideas and input.”

While Kittie may be stepping back she certainly won’t be lost to the organisation vowing to remain an interested observer and contributor when and where she can. Given the huge changes in the disability industry Kittie believes it is the right thing to do to remain attached in some way until new systems are implemented.

Kittie believes that the biggest challenge facing CDS remains the same challenge when she arrived – to provide the best care and options for clients. She believes CDS is meeting it head on and going in the right direction.

“Not all participants have the same challenges nor are they the same people just because they share a common disability,” said Kittie.

“Individual challenges and meeting them are an ongoing task for CDS and I believe they are being met.

“It is the same challenge across the industry but I think we do it better and are getting better.”

Kittie has a lot of empathy for carers in the industry having some background in Aged Care herself and recognises the common struggles and positives in both industries.

“We need lots of support for carers as well as clients as they go through a lot too,” she said.

“We have to keep encouraging them and new people into the industry.

“It was one of the reasons the Currajong Carers Support Group was started – to assist families and those who care for people with a disability,” Kittie said.

“Lethe and the team are doing a tremendous job and I know the group (like CDS) will continue to grow, embrace change, remain positive and focused and succeed.”

Kittie Dwyer is a former Chair of the Currajong Carers Support Group and CDS board member. She has spent over a decade involved with the organisation and we acknowledge and appreciate all the work she has done and her positive contribution. All the best Kittie and thank you from everyone at CDS!