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Debbie Hamilton with John Dwyer and Ross McCulloch of Condobolin CDS
Debbie Hamilton with John Dwyer and Ross McCulloch of Condobolin CDS

THEY say all good things must end and for Currajong Disability Services employer Debbie Hamilton, that day is Thursday March 8.

Debbie or Deb as she is known to many staff and clients, is a hugely popular figure across Condobolin, Currajong and among many communities in the Central West. In her eleven years with CDS, Deb has touched the lives of many and her “roll-up-the-sleeves” attitude has aided many and inspired more. Yet she remains as humble as ever.

“To me, it’s always been all about the clients,” she said.

“Seeing what they have achieved, watching them grow and gain confidence as they interact more with the community.

“Those are the important things and the things I will hold onto as they give me a real buzz and have given me tremendous job satisfaction over the years,” said Deb.

“It’s those little things as well as all the friendships and hoping you made a difference that you take away from experiences such as this.”

While Deb’s new role at Condobolin Public School as a Teacher’s Learning Support Officer has some parallels to her role at CDS, she will still not be completely lost to Currajong and has vowed to pop in from time to time and see how all gang are getting along.

“I know Sharon Bevill is more than capable and already she is doing a great job,” said Deb.

“She has it in her, like me and I know all the clients here in Condo are in great hands.

“The clients are the reason we get up every morning!”

Deb has had nearly 38 years in aged and disability care and says that while she will miss certain elements of disability care she is now in a rare position to tap into something she hasn’t done before and that is helping children more directly.

“I am really excited about the new role and I can really help the next generation on the ground,” she said.

“It’s a great school and filled with great people.

“As the CDS logo says, it’s all about providing a life with opportunities!”

All the best Deb! We will miss you and thanks for your service