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Bev with Jay Crouch - one of the many participants she has positively impacted since working at Currajong

WHEN Beverley Gabriel-White started in late 2011 at Currajong Disability Services she had no connection to the Parkes shire at all. It was a big move from Goulburn for Bev and now nearly nine years later, she leaves with a treasure trove of friendships and highlights that will last a lifetime.

“Currajong provided me with a better opportunity at the time as one-on-one disability care was and still is my main passion,” Bev said.

“Currajong allowed me to do that and it was an exciting challenge for me,” she said.

“While there are many things that I will remember and that make me smile, I am very pleased how much Jay Crouch has progressed during my time having been one of his main one on one support workers,” said Bev.

Karen Willis is another and the list goes on and on and on.

“There’s too many to name – Bev has left an indelible imprint on so many and not just our participants but staff and families as well,” said Neil Hamilton, another support worker and colleague from Currajong.

Yet it is arguably her work with Ian Kaupke that is most impressive especially if you ask colleagues or the Kaupke family.

“Bev has many qualities but her best is supporting people with complex needs. Her ability to support and empower participants 1:1 in their homes and in the community to achieve their goals is uplifting,” said Service Delivery Manager Jodie Turner of Currajong.

“Her work with Ian Kaupke particularly has been exceptional but everything she does is,” Jodie said.

“Bev has supported Ian Kaupke for the past two years to achieve his key goal of gaining employment. Ian’s love for animals has gained him work at The Pound in Peak Hill” she said.

Ian’s grandfather Wolfgang echoed Jodie and Neil’s sentiments.

“His life has changed because of her and he is getting there. She has done wonders for him and there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him and us,” said Wolfgang Kaupke.

“Apart from helping him get work she also has been helping him get his license, going above and beyond for him and our family. Often she will do things she doesn’t have to do because she cares and she is passionate about what she does and it shows,” he said.

“Beverley has a great outlook and knows what she is doing and understands how to get the best from Ian. I know I speak for many when I say she will be greatly missed.”

While Bev’s last shift for Currajong isn’t until August 10 she knows the end date is nearing but leaves with so many positive memories.

“I feel personally I have really helped (or tried my best anyway) though everyone has played a big part in Currajong’s success and it makes me feel great,” said Bev.

“I am going to miss friendships and staff and the participants – I see them down the street often and I just know I will miss that. When I came here I didn’t know anyone and now everyone is like family to me,” she said.

“I will be back to visit and keep in touch for sure so while I may no longer live and work here I will definitely be seeing you all soon!”

August 10 is Bev’s last shift and then she is off to the Hunter Valley to start her new role.

“Thanks to everyone who has made this adventure and role so enjoyable – so glad I can walk away from here knowing I can come back and I have friends and family for life.”

All the best Bev and thank you for all you have done and providing light for so many! We will miss you!