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Ian 'Thorpedo' Kaupke with his historical haul of trophies.
Ian 'Thorpedo' Kaupke with his historical haul of trophies.

IAN Kaupke like most, has many chapters to his story. On the surface it would appear the Peak Hill native and CDS client is a typical country guy who loves the outdoors, wide open spaces and animals. Dig deeper and you’ll find he’s not just a good bloke and doting son but an outstanding sportsman.

From his days in Newcastle at Belmont High where he was coached by Brad Austin for gymnastics and trampoline to swimming, heptathlon and tenpin bowling. Ian is not merely competing, he is excelling and at one point was touted for the Paralympics.

“I only stopped because Peak Hill was a bit too remote and the training I needed couldn’t be done when we moved here,’ said Ian.

“I do hold out hope of being able to compete one day  – especially in trampoline or tenpin bowling but it would require a move if I am serious about it.

“I’m only 32 so some of those sports age isn’t a factor.”

Kaupke, who counts Ian Thorpe and Kurt Fearnley among his idols, hopes to one day eventually be an icon for the next person coming through.

“I love this stuff. Sport is a good way to not only learn new skills but also meet new people and grow confidence as well as help people,” said Ian.

“In the meantime I am concentrating on family and friends and who knows – maybe one day I’ll return to the sports I love,” he said.

We hope so too Ian.