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Josh Cowling giving the thumbs up
Josh Cowling giving the thumbs up

THOSE who know Parkes man Josh Cowling well, would know he loves a life in the fast lane.

And last Christmas he was given the Christmas gift of a lifetime, thanks to his father Mark Cowling and Spinifex Recruiting.

Josh swapped his wheelchair for the passenger seat of Spinifex Recruiting’s racing BMW in December.

According to Spinifex Recruiting, during his nine-lap session, the car clocked 230 kilometres per hour down the straight at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Spinifex Recruiting Chairman Peter O’Donnell said the 35-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, is “the most excited person ever to sit in the passenger seat of the racing car”.

“Josh’s dad Mark mentioned to me earlier in the year [last year] that Josh is very passionate about cars and especially racing,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“He asked if there was a possibility of coming to a race meeting and watching from the pits.”

But Mr O’Donnell and the Spinifex Recruiting team were able to go one better than that.

“When we got the opportunity to participate in the passenger day, we invited Mark and Josh with the offer to actually get in the car rather than just be a spectator,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“Josh had an absolute ball, you could not wipe the huge grin off his face.

“It took three men to get him from his wheelchair and into the car but we all knew there was no way he was not going to get in.

“Occasionally we are in a situation where we share these experiences that mean the world to someone, and it’s an equally special and rewarding experience for us too.”

Mr O’Donnell said the trip to Sydney to ride in the Spinifex Recruiting-sponsored racing car was also just as rewarding for Josh’s dad, Mark.

He organised the ultimate Christmas present for his son, but he too got to have a ride session.

“We are just so appreciative of Peter and his team for giving Josh such a memorable day he will never forget,” Mr Cowling said.

“Spinifex Recruiting may have grown beyond Parkes over the decades but this generous gesture to Josh shows just how much of a local Parkes business they still are.”

(Story and photo courtesy of Parkes Champion Post)