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Love on the Spectrum wants you!

ARE you looking for love? Are you on the spectrum or open to dating someone who is? Then Northern Pictures and Love on the Spectrum series producer Jenni Wilks wants you!

“We are not only looking for people who are on the autism spectrum to be part of the series but anyone open to meeting or dating a person on the spectrum who might have another disability or condition – or no disability at all,” said Jenni.

“We are also looking to meet couples who might be open to be part of the series.

“One of the people in the couple would need to be on the autism spectrum,” Jenni said.

As with ‘Employable Me’, the LOTS team feel they have the unique opportunity to educate an extensive audience about ASD and disability, breaking down some of the myths, misconceptions and stereotypical views.

“We are not wanting to impose a point of view or an agenda – the participants in the series will be the voice of the documentary,” Jenni said.

“They will be given the opportunity to tell their own story.

“We feel that is important and what the series is about in many ways,” she said.

“We hope to work with Currajong and fingers crossed we can.”

It is a rare opportunity for anyone from your organisation to register their interest and who knows, they maybe the next person on the show!

Love on the Spectrum currently screens on Netflix and Northern Pictures have sounded out Currajong to try and find more talent for the series.

“COVID has meant we need to keep things more state based which opens up another chance for regional areas to get involved,” said Currajong Comms and Marketing Manager Dane Millerd.

Interested parties can email –