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Mat Brown has discovered passion in his trial with Currajong

FOR most of his adult working life Mat Brown has worked as a baker. Whether he was cooking up pies or flummaries, Mat thoroughly enjoyed and still loves baking.

So when he injured his back, Mat, as part of his rehab, has been doing a work trial with Currajong Disability Services in Parkes and to say he loves it is an understatement!

“It’s a fantastic job and a great organisation,” Mat said.

“It’s my first foray into the industry so I am taking in all I can,” he said.

“Hopefully it eventuates into something.”

While Mat and Currajong are under no obligation beyond the initial three month trial to take the placement any further, Mat is optimistic as he continues to manage his injury and rehab whilst learning about a new industry he admits he is really starting to love more and more.

“The people, the culture – everyone has been so welcoming and I can’t thank Jodie and the team enough!”

Welcome aboard Mat!