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CDS CEO Jeff Evans is excited about the new WesterNDIS initiative
CDS CEO Jeff Evans is excited about the new WesterNDIS initiative

WesterNDIS has launched today, bringing together the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) expertise of four trusted local not-for-profit businesses to support people across western NSW to get the most out of the NDIS.

The WesterNDIS portal is a collaboration between Birrang Enterprise Development Company, Currajong Disability Services, Marathon Health, and The Westhaven Association.

It will connect people with a disability, their carers and support people to a range of NDIS services across Western NSW.

People visiting the online portal will be able to access information about accommodation options, allied health therapies, support to access employment and social activities, options to learn new skills, and how support coordination can help them.

People can register to receive preplanning support and help to get their application together. They can also register where they are up to on their NDIS journey, their interests and the kinds of services they would like to hear about into the future.

Jeff Evans, CEO at Currajong Disability Services said that the collaboration stemmed from a desire to give people in Western NSW the choice and control over getting the best out of the scheme’s promises.

“Much has been made about the competition the NDIS will create between providers. In our view we are looking forward to building partnerships with other providers so we create the right conditions for the development of easy access to our services; to support people living with a disability in our more rural and remote communities.”

“We believe in the value of a collaborative approach, allowing people to see what services are available from a range of quality providers across the region, and for people with a disability to tell us what the services they are looking for, now and into the future.”

“We hope that our approach will support more people right across Western NSW to get the best out of the NDIS,” said Mr Evans.

Roadshows are planned across western NSW to introduce people the NDIS internet site (portal) and to explain how they can use it to find out what’s out there for them.

People with a disability, their carers or support workers can visit to register, email for more information or find us on Facebook.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme commenced rollout in Western NSW on 1 July 2017.