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Jannette Lovett of CDS with former board member Kittie Dwyer
Jannette Lovett of CDS with former board member Kittie Dwyer

NDIS planning and implementation is in full swing at Currajong Disability Services (CDS) says CDS Service Delivery Manager Jodie Turner.

Since July, CDS has been working with local area LAC co-ordinators and NDIS LAC staff from Sydney to pre-plan for CDS participants.

“Planning meetings have been going since the end of July,” said Jodie Turner.

“The whole process has been carefully managed and extremely positive for all involved.

“August is already shaping up to be just as busy.”

These pre-planning meetings have been successful due to the information collected by Sarah Shambrook, who has been instrumental in the implementation of the NDIS within Currajong Disability Services.

In addition to this, the pre-planning booklet released by CDS in March has also been well-received and a valuable aide in assisting information gathering.

“Information that has been requested for the NDIS pre-planning meetings is in line with NDIA requests and participant goals,” said Jodie Turner.

“The plans also acknowledge current behaviour support plans, services currently utilised, relationships and supports and much more.

“The aim is to ensure our participants are able to exercise choice and control about matter that affect them and have a plan that they are happy with and gives them the best available support and opportunities to live their life as they choose,” said Turner.

“CDS will continue to strive to ensure we remain the leading disability NDIS services provider in the region now and in the future.”