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Kyal Sauer has landed his dream job with trucks at Wallace's

FOR as long as he can remember all Kyal Sauer wanted to do was work with trucks. More than a hobby, trucks are Kyal’s passion and he has finally achieved his goal off his own plate. Forbes Kyal Sauer, who has autism, has just landed his dream job and he couldn’t be happier!

“I have always wanted to get into the truck industry and be around heavy machinery,” said Kyal.

“I love everything about trucks.

“I am so happy I got this job so I can learn more,” Kyal said.

Kyal’s new role is in Forbes so it is close to home and he couldn’t be more pleased.

“It’s a short drive to work at Wallace Bulk Haulage which is good.

“Everyone there is great and very supportive,” he said.

Kyal’s new job is 2 days a week each Wednesday and Friday and he is in part responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of the trucks.

“I get to make sure the trucks are roadworthy and in good nick,” Kyal said.

“It’s an important job and someone has to do it.

“I’d do it all day every day if I could!”