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Jarrad Simpson, is a CDS client and NDIS participant.
Jarrad Simpson, is a CDS client and NDIS participant.

Most of your NDIS supports will be delivered by providers. Providers are people or businesses of your choice.

You will normally need to make a written agreement with your provider(s). This is called a Service Agreement.

Service Agreements should be simple and set out how and when your supports will be delivered.

Service Agreements can be made between you and your provider, or between another person (like a family member or friend) and your provider.

Service Agreements are different from your NDIS plan. Your plan lists your NDIS supports, but a Service Agreement is about delivering those supports.

When making a Service Agreement, you should take a copy of your NDIS plan. If you like, you can attach the copy of your NDIS plan to your Service Agreement(s). This will help your provider deliver you the right supports in the right way.

Things you can put in your Service Agreement include:

  • The supports provided under the Service Agreement
  • The cost of those supports
  • How, when and where you would like your supports to be provided
  • How long you need the supports to be provided
  • When and how your Service Agreement will be reviewed
  • How any problems or issues that may arise will be dealt with
  • Your responsibilities under the Service Agreement – such as letting your provider know if you can’t make an appointment
  • Your provider’s responsibilities under the Service Agreement – such as working with you to deliver your supports in the right way
  • How you or your provider may change or end the Service Agreement.

Remember, you have choice and control in the delivery of your supports. This means having the choice over who provides your supports and how they are provided. It also means being responsible and reasonable in your expectations and dealings with providers.

The NDIA has created some tools to help you make a Service Agreement. These tools are:

  • An easy English Guide to Service Agreements, which includes a simple model Service Agreement; and
  • This document, which includes a more detailed model Service Agreement.

You can use either or both of these tools to help make a Service Agreement with your provider(s). You can change the model Service Agreements to suit your own needs.