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The new paper shredder being delivered last week
The new paper shredder being delivered last week

AFTER months of planning and organisation, Currajong Disability Services has finally purchased a new paper shredder. Securely located in Parkes, the new paper shredder promises to be a real score not just for CDS but also the Parkes community.

“The paper shredder is a high capacity document shredder and will benefit our organisation in a number of ways,” said CDS Chair Neil Unger.

“From creating a possible extra income stream to potentially creating and/ or assisting with transitioning our clients into work the advantages for us and the community are immense.

“Everything is still in the commissioning phase but we will certainly be operating sooner rather than later.”

The shredder has a clearly laid out operator panel, high-powered three-phase motor, automatic cutoff in case of paper jam or an open door as well as being able to shred CDs and easily transportable.

There is a high shredded paper volume (300 litres) with a high-quality cutting-mechanism made of high-grade steel, unaffected by soft metal objects. It also has a generous work surface and an emergency cut-off switch and safety lock with a key.

“It is another great asset for CDS and the community that I have no doubt will certainly be popular,” said Neil Unger.

“We can’t wait to move forward with the extra capacity for our secure Paper Shredding arm of the business.

“It’s a unique point of difference that I am sure will be received well.”