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Mandy Reedy (right and back on) putting clients through their paces.


WEEKS 1 and 2

After a good walk to warm up, clients got familiar with lower body weight training (squats and lunges) and light weighted upper body training.

Week Three we stepped it up a notch and held our hand weights and dumbbells while we did our chair squats!

Some participants even upped their weights for upper body training, holding 2 plates in each hand. Talk about progress!!!

As always we finished our session with a few KONGA Dance Fitness tracks. It is always a popular part of the program.

I demonstrated the moves with options to lower or increase intensity and difficulty and everyone has a good go.

The main focus? “Keep moving and have fun!” And everyone is certainly doing that!

“I want to do the exercises” said Jaime Nielsen, when she thought she may miss out this week.

It’s so exciting to see everyone having a go, sweaty, red faces and more enthusiasm and confidence to dance each week.

Keep up the good work guys!

Amanda Reedy