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Rhyse as Sid in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for Parkes M and D
Rhyse as Sid in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for Parkes M and D

RHYSE Forrestal is many things to many people – a cashier, an actor, a son and an amazing person. At Currajong Disability Services to his friends and colleagues he is all that and much more.

“His attitude is infectious and his passion for life is inspiring,” said Jonty Ralph, Program Co-ordinator at Currajong Disability Services.

“If you spend even five minutes with him it is hard not to be drawn in by his enthusiasm and determination to be the best he can be and push others to be the best they can be.

“He is one of the big success stories among the corridors of Currajong Disability Services and has earned everything he has through his never-say-die attitude and 100 per cent commitment,” said Ralph.

Rhyse has now been working in his role as Coles cashier for a year after spending just as long looking for a paid job so he could live independently in Parkes.

“I have always been interested in customer service and I am loving it!” Rhyse said.

“The interaction and friendly atmosphere makes it all worthwhile.

“I now have a stress free lifestyle with more friends and it has improved my self-esteem.”

While Rhyse has also entertained the idea of getting into personal training and fitness it is the stage and plying his trade as an actor with the Parkes M & D Society where he has truly found his calling.

“I love acting – if I could I would make the move to Hollywood tomorrow even Summer Bay!” he joked.

“Being a part of the Parkes M & D has helped me immensely socially but most importantly it has allowed me to continue to explore acting.

“It is an incredible feeling!”

From playing Sid in Chitty Chitty Bang on stage to scoring a role in Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 as part of the ensemble and a detective, Rhyse has big plans for the future and at this rate he is on his way to achieving them.

“I’m just continuing to climb the ladder and be the best I can be,” said Rhyse.

For many, he’s already there.