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Angie White with Rhyse Forrestal

RHYSE Forrestal has always been a go-getter. Whether it be at the gym, on the stage or in the workplace – Rhyse never shies away from giving his best. It is a trait not lost on many especially his new employer Parkes D’Aquino Liquor Merchants.

“He has been there a while now and is going well,” said Angie White, one of his support staff from Currajong Disability Services.

“He seems to really be enjoying it!’

With previous retail and customer service experience under his belt, Rhyse has made the new transition easily and is glad to be working again and meeting new people.

“I am loving my job and glad to be growing my skill set,” Rhyse said.

“The staff are great and the people are fantastic,” he said.

“I am a real people person so it has been tremendous and I look forward to going to work each day which not many can say!”

“I am just really grateful D’Aquino’s have given me an opportunity to work, achieve life goals, keep my independence and in turn, help with my self esteem and confidence,” he said.

The part time role is also close to home for Rhyse and fits perfectly with his lifestyle.

“My job is close to home and it keeps me busy,” Rhyse said.

“It really has been a case of life with opportunities for me at Currajong and everyone just keeps helping me enjoy my life to the fullest and achieve my goals,” he said.

“Life lately has been great!”