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Rhyse Forrestal of Currajong Disability Services plays 3 roles in Les Miserables from September 14
ON September 14 at the Little Theatre in Parkes a few firsts will take place when the curtains open for the opening night of Les Miserables. The production, based on the acclaimed Victor Hugo novel, will feature subtitles and captions to benefit those with sight impairments meaning for the first time that a local production can be enjoyed by a greater amount of people.
“It is great for people with disabilities – especially the vision impaired,” said Currajong Disability Services client Rhyse Forrestal.
“It’s a positive step in the right direction.
“Hopefully it is something we can do with all our productions,” he said.
If that wasn’t enough, renowned local thespian Rhyse is also reprising three roles in the classic Bonbil and Schonberg musical and he can’t wait for audiences to see it.
“I play a convict, a drunk and a beggar,” said Rhyse.
“I get to sing a very short solo too.
“Though most of my performances will be part of a bigger ensemble.”
The production will be directed by Lyn Townsend and Neil Westcott – another with ties to Currajong and will star local favourites Kimberley Ryan, Aaron Kingham, Andrew Francis, Rachel Westcott and James Whalan.
But for Rhyse it’s all about making a quality inclusive production and living out his dream of one day becoming a fulltime actor.
“Growing up I was inspired by Robin Williams and he remains an icon for me,” said Rhyse.
“Robin was so versatile and had an incredible range from playing good guys in Dead Poets Society through to Mrs Doubtfire and Sy the photo guy in the dark thriller One Hour Photo.
“This production will push me and I am excited by the challenge and it’s a big step up for me after we did Anne of Green Gables earlier this year,” he said.
“I can’t wait for you all to see it!”
Neither can we Rhyse!
Tickets are on sale at or at Regional Business Supplies. The show runs at the Little Theatre from September 14 to October 6 so be sure to get your tickets soon as shows will fill fast!