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Sebastian Sadgrove with a selection of his paintings

PEAK Hill resident and Currajong Disability Services participant Sebastian Sadgrove continues to find his voice as a painter and artist.

After the success of his maiden artwork “The Blue Dish” which was donated to the CSIRO Parkes Telescope Observatory by Seb to draw attention to autism, Seb has come up with more artworks during the holiday period.

“I have an interesting mix here from a koala painting through to a cattle station,” Seb said.

“I am really enjoying it at the moment.

“I am now working on some new ones that I hope can also be displayed like “The Blue Dish” is at the Parkes Observatory,” said Seb.

With Australia Day looming there has been some discussion about whether Seb should exhibit his works there however the search for a suitable location remains ongoing.

“What happens is okay with me provided they can be seen,” Seb said.

“Art is made to be seen.

“I hope the masses enjoy it as much I enjoyed painting them,” he said.

No doubt they will Seb.