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Dane Millerd (right) of Currajong Disability Services receiving Joe Ozzimo's donation from the Parkes Visitor Centre


IT was only 2018 when Joe and Leisa Ozzimo came to PARKES for the first time. A “huge Elvis fan” and a singer, Joe had always been keen to check out the festival.

Now two years on, Joe has raised money again for Currajong by donating his $300 worth of takings to the not-for-profit.

“We decided to come back again this year and get right into the spirit of the event with me busking and entering the senior tribute contest,” said Joe.

“My wife again went all out with her costumes. On arrival we saw that other buskers were getting tips and selling CDs and we thought that we could do something charitable for Currajong again.

“We asked Ken McGrath if we could make a donation of any money earned and he let us know about the local Currajong Disability Services and that made perfect sense to us,” said Joe.

Having worked in the medical device industry and having some knowledge of the NDIS, Joe and Leisa have been exposed to the plight of many people less fortunate than them and wanted to help where and where they could.

“With my singing particularly, I have supported charities such as White Ribbon, the CFA in Victoria and soon to support a beyond Blue event,” said Joe.

“It allows me to do what I am passionate about and hopefully provide some support to those less fortunate any small way we can.

“We are just glad we could help Currajong and we hope the $300 goes to good use.”

In 2019, Joe raised $112.65 so it’s a big jump up considering the smaller crowds.

From everyone at Currajong, well done Joe and Leisa and thank you!