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Jujube truck stacked and packed

IN a pleasant sight for what has been a hard month for many, the first batch of jujubes have been freighted from Orange down to the markets in Sydney.

Despite drought, thunderstorms and then COVID-19 all playing a part, the jujubes have finally been picked, sorted and packed.

For Wayde Kriedemann and the dedicated staff, board members and participants who have helped it is a welcome relief.

“For most of the time we were worried about not enough water,” Wayde explained.

“The drought was long and hard and there were (and still are to some extent) challenges with water.

“Then by the end of the cycle we were mindful of how much water we were getting because of the rain,” he explained.

But in the end it didn’t matter as Wayde along with Neil Unger, Peter Barber, Greg Duffy, his wife Chris and Ray Nielsen picked the jujubes just in time for the first 100 boxes to be freighted to Sydney from Orange and another load about to go.

“There’s another load ready as well,” said Wayde.

“Both batches are about 800kgs.

“It is a great start to the jujube business for Currajong,” said Wayde.

It certainly is!