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CDS Carer Trilbie Bermingham (front left) with Ian O'Brien (back middle) with Ashley Stronach (reading).
CDS Carer Trilbie Bermingham (front left) with Ian O'Brien (back middle) with Ashley Stronach (reading).

National Carers Week (October 15-21) recognises a special group of people who are often taken for granted.

Carers are the people who look after our mothers and fathers, our grandparents and sometimes, unfortunately, our children – they hold a very important place in any family who rely on their time, support and generous nature.

To many they are angels and at Currajong Disability Services that’s how we see them.

According to “National Carers Week is about recognising and celebrating the outstanding contribution Australia’s 2.7 million unpaid carers make to our nation” and this week is an opportunity to raise awareness and recognise carers and those in caring roles.

“Without carers organisations like us here at Currajong Disability Services would struggle,” said CEO Jeff Evans.

“This week is a chance to show appreciation for these special people and acknowledge their outstanding contributions.

“I know many others within our industry would echo my sentiments when I say how vital carers are and for that on behalf of CDS I would like to say thank you,” Jeff said.

Currajong has two extremely active and respected carer support groups – Currajong Carers Support Group (CCSG) and Currajong Autism and Special Needs Group (CASNG).

According to Jeff, not only is what they do for clients and their families essential from a care perspective but they also provide a platform for all parties including carers to share experiences in a positive and supportive environment.

“The work Kitty Dwyer and Lethe Rawson have done for Currajong Carers Support Group and likewise Angela Wilson for the Currajong Autism and Special Needs Group has been incredible,” he said.

“The positive impact on other families and carers from their dedication is evident via the popularity, growth and testimonials I have received about these two groups.

“I would like to also take this opportunity to thank and commend all concerned from these organisations for their efforts.”

Carers make an enormous contribution to our communities as well as our national economy.

Should all carers decide to stop performing their caring role, it would cost the country $60.3 billion per year to replace those supports – that’s over $1 billion per week.

National Carers Week provides you with a chance to show your appreciation and learn about carers and caring in Australia.

Say thank you to a carer today!