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Chris, Jamie and Sanu having a ball at the Funky Hair Day recently
Chris, Jamie and Sanu having a ball at the Funky Hair Day recently

Around Australia, there are literally hundreds of organisations, communities and individuals working tirelessly to improve the lives of people with disability.

They innovate, advocate, design, explore, discover and build a range of products and services that have a real impact on the lives of people with disability.

Each year, we pay tribute to these achievements through the National Disability Awards.

The awards acknowledge those who demonstrate excellence, passion, vision and a commitment to helping people with disability achieve their goals.

They also ensure the achievements and needs of Australians with disability, their families and carers remain visible.

This year’s award categories include the Lesley Hall Leadership Award, recognising excellence in development of reform opportunities that improve the lives of people with disability; Employer of the Year Award, recognising excellence in workforce diversity by providing sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability; Community Excellence Award, recognising excellence in improving access and participation in life for people with disability; Excellence in Innovation Award, recognising excellence in innovation in services, places, communities or accessible technologies to improve the lives of people with disability; and the Excellence in Education and Training Award, recognising excellence in inclusive education or vocational training that delivers improved economic and social outcomes for people with disability.

Nominations close August 6. People can nominate themselves, someone they know, their workplace or an organisation. Finalists will be announced in early October.

This year’s awards will be presented in Canberra on International Day of People with Disability, December 3.

To nominate, visit here

Jane Prentice is assistant social and disability services minister.