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Jye Jeffrey and Timbo Wheeler with Thomas Davis

SEPTEMBER 26 Thomas Davis shaves his hair for local charity and leading Parkes Shire NDIS provider Currajong Disability Services.

It is typical of the man they call Tommy D for he has for as long as he has attended Currajong always put the organisation first.

“I wanted to do something that could make a real difference,” he said.

“So I thought about growing my hair and then shaving it to raise money for more resources for Currajong.

“Now it’s only 2 weeks away!”

The proceeds from Tommy D’s selfless act will go towards much needed stationary supplies for Currajong so the charity can continue to run a range of literacy and numeracy activities for its participants.

“I know what difference a bit of money can make to Currajong as I have seen other fundraising events do the same,” he said.

“Over my time here we’ve been able to get things like care chairs, musical instruments and other things.

“Plus there’s always something that needs replacing so I thought I’d do my bit.”

Tommy D’s dedication hasn’t gone unrecognised by staff and participants either.

“I think it’s a tremendous thing he is doing,” said Dane Millerd of Currajong.

“The reality is NDIS providers like us now have to look at things like fundraising a lot more seriously to remain above water.

“Every dollar counts and we are all very proud of Tommy D,” Dane said.

The shave for Currajong will take place September 26 at Currajong Disability Services.