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Your life, your plan, your supports …

THE NDIS allows you to have as much choice and control as possible over the supports funded or provided in your NDIS plan.

Self-direction means you have as much control as possible over your supports and how they are provided. Every participant who has an NDIS plan can now have control over what, when, where and by whom, most of their support is provided. This includes working with providers to determine what is provided and potentially being involved in the selection of your support workers.

You supports may come from family, friends or services and community groups. You may have identified new supports in your plan and if you have been allocated a Support Coordinator you may wish to ask them to help you connect with these new supports. These are the supports that the NDIS has found to be reasonable and necessary to fund based on the information you have provided.

The reasonable and necessary supports in your plan are divided into separate support budgets which link to an area of your life in which you have goals. Each support budget will have an allocated amount to spend on achieving an outcome against your goals. The funds allocated to one budget cannot be swapped to any other budget in your plan. You cannot spend over the total amount designated for each budget and the amount allocated will not change during your current plan.

It is important to always remember this is about your life, your plan and your supports!